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Common mistakes
Many people think that they can select a good teacher or an institute by talking to him for an hour or taking a trial. Actually this is the age of specialization. A man knows only about his own profession. In every other trade he is a fool. If I think I can select a good carpenter or doctor or lawyer or electrician by talking to him, I will most probably select the wrong person. If some expert promises big benefits for very low cost and effort, we should be even more careful. The wrong person will ask you to decide immediately and give him money. A good expert will advise you to ask others until you are sure. Some bad persons have high convincing power. They can offer to sell Red Fort and Qutab Minar, take money and vanish. You can ask me for true examples with proof if you wish. Even my relatives and friends did not believe me when I warned them of this. They talk to unknown professionals, select the wrong person and spend a lot of money and time. Only when they get the unexpected results, do they accept that I was right.

100% safe
The safest way is to agree that you will pay this much money if this result comes and that much money if that result comes and so on. But this will cost more money and only a few experts will agree to this.

Second safe way
A less costly way is to use your legs. First find your friends or relatives who had this experience. They should have walked that path, selected a similar professional earlier and got final results. If not your friends or relatives, then friends of friends of friends and relatives of relatives of relatives. You should ask them politely what they did right and what mistakes they made. If they can recommend a good professional your are very lucky. Even if that professional charges more money, it is better than an unknown professional who promises better results or lower cost or has more convincing power. If not, still your experienced friend will give very valuable advice on what to do and what not to do.

You may feel, This friend says opposite of what I believe. He must be a fool. Do not decide in a hurry. Talk to more friends having experience. Then think, Are most of them are mistaken or am I mistaken. If you are ashamed to take friend’s time, offer a small gift. Once I wanted advice from the son of my friend. I fixed a time and went with some fruit. The father insisted I should not give the fruit. He thought his son was useless. But the son was happy with the fruit. He spent time with me and gave useful advice about his employer. This advice saved me 100 times the money (9900% profit) I had spent on fruit.

Why people avoid it
The problem is that you will have to spend time and energy for this. First you will have to search for such friends. Then you will have to talk politely to them for 30 minutes or an hour. If you talk rudely, the conversation will be over very quickly. Most people do not want to spend 4-5 days (40 hours) in this work. They believe, I am so intelligent. I can judge any expert by talking to him for 30 minutes. Why should I waste 5 days is searching. Later he may discover that instead of wasting 5 days, he wasted 5 years by selecting the wrong person. For minor matters, a few minutes of enquiry are sufficient. For important matters, many days or even months of searching are better.

Young boys
Teenagers are even more confident. They believe they are the wisest person in the world, their friends are half wise and every one else if a fool. Besides they hate talking politely to some one for one hour to get information. Later after getting the results they are shocked that some one was actually more clever than they are, and was only pretending to be a fool. I believe 99% of such teenagers, whether intelligent or not, make a wrong decision and the remaining 1% make a good decision because of God's grace and their good Karma in past life, and not due to effort or intelligence. I can give reasons for my belief if you wish.

Actual cases
For example a relative of mine needed a lawyer. He talked to a famous lawyer and paid him Rupees Eight lakh. This money was too little for the lawyer. He did not make efforts and lost the case, costing crores of rupees to my relative. If the relative had searched hard, he could have got a more capable
but less experienced lawyer for Rupees Two lakhs and promise to pay him Rupees Two lakhs more if he won the case. Total cost rupees four lakhs and win the case also with a profit of crores.

Similarly a relative selected a teacher for her daughter. I warned her but she believed her daughter is so intelligent, she can select the right teacher in one hour. I offered a bet of Rs.100 that she would get bad results, payable after results. Still she did not listen and only after results, accepted that her daughter had selected a bad teacher.

Our history
Really this is a problem because of our culture. We are an agricultural country. People followed the profession of their ancestors. They knew every one in their village. They did not need to select experts out of strangers. Some people are government employees. There orders flow from top to bottom. People believe that a higher and more paid officer is more capable than a lower employee. But in big cities the situations are different. We have to cooperate with unknown experts. We will have to learn new skills to deal with new situations. Suppose you want a match for your son or daughter, it will affect them for 30 years. 

Time needed
I feel you should find about the qualities of  a prospective match for 30 days or 200 hours. If you want to buy a house, it will affect you for 10 years. You should verify the property for 10 days or 70 hours. Maybe you want to select an unknown institute for coaching for competitions, it will have effects for 5 years. You should check the institute for 5 days or 40 hours. If some reliable person tells that the choice is good, you can reduce the time of checking. If you feel I made a mistake, please inform me.

About Me