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PHP, Java, C, C++ and Perl, etc. programming, MCA, BCA, VB online from your home or physically in Delhi, in my spare time. Also tutor for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, CakePHP, AJAX, JavaScript, Jquery, MySQL, HTML, tableless Div design, CorelDraw, PhotoShop, Flash, ActionScript, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, COBOL, etc. Coach for MS OFFICE, WORD, EXCEL, HTML, tableless Div design, etc. No fees are needed if you are unemployed and trying for jobs but if you wish later when you start earning, you can give donations for my teaching. If you learned at some other institute but the faculty did not explain some difficult topic there, you can learn that topic also from me. Previous students said they learned more from my tutoring than what expensive private institutes coached. Please phone (if outside India Delhi add 0091-11 ) 7838794233, email: leadlion98 at yahoo dot com, Ajay Dhar.

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