In just 3 days, improve visibly in Bank PO, CAT and GMAT for MBA, or FREE

MBA aspirants can get better 1-1 coaching for free for some hours. Students of GMAT and CAT for MBA not only improved therir scores quickly but also became more interested in Mathematics and in learning for CAT, GMAT. Some students had not studied Math for more than 10 years. They became more confident in Maths and happily practiced it for several hours daily. Candidates for Bank PO exam also improved quickly. My students got visible rise in ranks in 3 days and those who studied for a few months with me, got big rise in their percentile in CAT or GMAT quantitative, data interpretation and sufficiency, logical reasoning and verbal. Students of SAT and other tests in Mathematics and English Language also improved rapidly. Many people find it difficult to believe that myself I at the age of 55 years got 99.6 percentile in CAT.


The total cost is much less than that of the institutes preparing for tests for MBA spending big amounts on advertising. The total cost can lie between $100/- and $1,000/- for GMAT and between Rs. 6,000/- and Rs. 60,000/- for CAT depending on how many difficulties you want solved and if you want a guarantee. Or you can pay $20 (GMAT) or Rs.800/- to 1500/- per hour for CAT without guarantee or Rs.1000/-to 2,000/-  with guarantee of best result per hour for CAT after you are satisfied. For the first few hours if you wish, you may pay a donation of $10 or nothing. That means you can study for free if you wish.

Please contact Ajay Dhar at ( India Delhi 0091-11- ) 7838794233, 9868237363 or email leadlion98 at yahoo dot com.