Necessary study for competitions

The best methods are opposite of what many candidates do. This small work may save 5 years of your career. If you doubt any of following methods, please ask people who appeared this competition in previous years. You can ask people who either passed or failed the competition. Ask them if following methods are essential or not. Try to talk to them politely for 30 minutes or more time. Many candidates are surprised by the advice given by experienced people. If you do not believe the first experienced person, ask other experienced people. Repeat this until you become sure of the facts.

First you have to learn the school course. If you do not know CBSE/state board course very well, sorry. you can not qualify IIT JEE, NEET, CAT, SAT, GMAT, SSC etc. in even hundred years.
Many students try to study advanced books superficially or do a large number of questions given by coaching institutes. However after the results of competition are declared, they are disappointed. All this was wasted effort because they did not know some things in their school books. First you must master the NCERT or school books. Without mastering that one can not hope to get even 10% marks in competitions. You do not need to do a huge number of questions. Instead you must think deeply about the questions you do.

Physical games 3 hours every week, creative hobby 2 hours a week are must. Keep time for necessary tasks. Remaining time study honestly. First master the school textbooks. Then attack old questions of competitions.

I help students strengthen basic ideas in the topics. Many candidates try to learn advanced topics without mastering the basics. This makes them look intelligent in front of their friends. However in the examination hall this learning is not of much use.

Many candidates feel that if they learn lots of formulae, it will help them at competitions. At the actual test they find that these formulae do not help much. Actually the ability more needed, is to modify some formulae
on the spot while sitting in the exam hall of competition. These formulas were learned in 6th - 10th or 11th and 12th classes, . Some students quickly develop this ability. It seems difficult to others in the beginning. After just a few days, with some encouragement from the teacher the successful students start developing this ability. This ability also helps the candidates a lot in  SAT, GRE and GMAT. This also helps the students in tests by CBSE and IB boards, without spending any extra time. After your result is declared in your competition, I request you to contact me. Please tell me if you gained more marks and better rank from other high priced institutes for a long time, or from our techniques in a short time. Or you can ask your seniors who appeared in the same competition earlier than you. They know where and how you will benefit more.

First you must master the NCERT or your school books. Without mastering that one can not hope to get even 10% marks in competition. If you doubt it, ask your seniors who wrote these exams earlier, or read old papers of same competitions. After that honestly do a few questions from old competitions, reference books or correspondence material.
By honestly I mean you should not take help from any one or look at answers. You do not need to do a huge number of questions. You must think deeply about the questions you do.

You should concentrate on the basics like definitions, derivations etc. If you learn
more than twenty thousand difficult formulae but do not know the basics well, it will not help you in  competitive test or boards. If you master the basics and do just a few questions which are very difficult, purely by your own efforts, it can help you a lot more. After results of your competitions, please tell me if I was wrong or right.

Many students take the easy way out. They try to learn a large number of simple formulae. They believe that these simple formulae will help them in the  competition. It is their career and they are free to take as many risks as they wish Still I suggest that for some time every day, they should read old papers of competitions and try to solve some such questions. Of course if they can solve questions of old  competition, it is even better. If they spend eight hours  learning simple formulae, derivations and practising these, they should spend three hours or more practising old questions of IIT or AIIMS or other competitions. They should do this without taking any help or looking at answers. Then after you take the competitive exams and results also come, please tell me how much my suggestions helped you.

Do not hurry to read solutions to difficult problems. Try to solve these for as long as you can, before giving up. This will strengthen other topics also, besides the one you thought will help solve the question. Try to understand the questions relating these to the topics in course for boards and syllabus. Do not try to think less or manipulate numbers.

Some teachers have great convincing power. They manage to convince the student and his parents that the student will get very good result. The teacher charges a lot of money for his teaching. Later the student is shocked on getting a bad result. The teacher does not return even a rupee of his fees and searches for the next victim.

One way to check this is to pay to the teacher most of the fees only after results. Student can deposit the fees in a bank and pay the teacher a small amount while studying.

Another way is to ask students who appeared in the same competition a few years ago. Ask them “this teacher promised this, is it true?” Talk politely to each of them for 30 minutes or more time. You are very likely to learn the truth this way.

A third way is to try 12-20 teachers for free. After this most probably you will be able to accurately estimate if the teacher is  telling the truth or not. If you find getting 20 teachers for free difficult, I can help you get them. I can accept all of  these three ways. Thanks for reading.

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