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Some people suggest the following books but I feel solving old papers of JEE and AIEEE is better.

1) IIT maths - M.L. Khanna and Sharma
2)Co-ordinate geometry,plane trignometry,vectors - SL Loney

1) IIT chemistry - O.P. Aggarwal
2) Organic Chemistry - Morris and Boyd 
3)Physical Chemistry -R.C. Mukherjee

Fundamentals of Physics- Resnic and Halliday
Concepts of Physics -H.C. Verma
Problems in Physics - I.E. Irodove  


A student should be highly intelligent and know the school course deeply to qualify IIT JEE. Some cheats promise ordinary students that with very hard work, they can get into IIT. Later these students get poor results in IIT JEE and also bad results in boards. They also lose the money they pay to these cheater teachers. If you doubt this, ask the boys who took IIT JEE a few years ago or last year.