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After their results in competitions were declared, many students said they got more marks from a short time of my free online coaching than from many months of paid coaching at other institutes. I offer some hours free online to students. If you wish, you can yourself test if those students were right.

I am tutoring since 1985. My rank in IIT JEE was 207. My rank in CAT at the age of 55 years was 99.6 percentile. At the age of 58 years I got 336/340 in GRE. This is similar to the score of top students in IIT.

I happily announce that
IIT JEE, CAT, GMAT, SAT, NEET, GRE, NTSE, NDA, IBPS and SSC candidates can get free online 1 to 1 coaching for some hours from me . They can improve in these days their ranks and marks at least a little, or more in competitions for entrance, jobs and XII boards, all three. Later if they wish, they can donate at Rs.10 to Rs.2000 per hour studied, to the teacher (me). If they wish, they need not pay a paisa. I will not ask them to pay either. If after that they and I agree, they can get regular coaching for IIT or NEET, etc. from me at ordinary fees Rs.750 to 1500 each hour without guarantee, or Rs.1,500 to 3,000 with guarantee of best result. As you may remember, the ability to solve questions themselves, is more important in competitions like the IIT JEE, CAT, GMAT, SAT and AIEEE. You will be happy to know that my students develop these skills to solve the problems many times faster, compared to students from ordinary institutes. As a result, they improved their ranks in IIT JEE, NEET, boards and several other competitions in a short time. I myself got a good rank in IIT JEE, etc. and was ranked among top ten candidates in India in dozons of other competitions.

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