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Necessary study

First you have to learn the school course. If you do not know CBSE course very well, you can not qualify IIT JEE in even hundred years. Many students try to study advanced books superficially or do a large number of questions given by coaching institutes. However after the results of IIT JEE Main are declared, they find that all this was wasted effort because they did not know somethings in their school books. First you must master the NCERT or school books. Without mastering that one can not hope to get even 10% marks in JEE. After that do a few questions from the reference books or correspondence material. You do not need to do a huge number of questions but you must think deeply about the questions you do.

Many candidates feel that if they learn lots of formulae, it will help them at IIT JEE Advanced. At the actual test they find that these formulae do not help much. Actually the ability more needed, is to modify some formulae learned in 11th and 12th, on the spot while sitting in the exam hall of IIT JEE Advanced. My students quickly develop this ability. It seems difficult in the beginning but after just a few days, with some encouragement from me the successfull students start developing this ability. This ability also helps the candidates a lot in  SAT, GRE and GMAT. This also helps the students in tests by CBSE and IB boards without spending any extra time. After your result is declared in JEE Main and Advanced, I request you to tell me if you gained more marks and better rank from other high priced institutes for a long time, or from my teaching of a short time. Or you can ask your seniors who appeared in IIT-JEE and AIEEE earlier than you, where and how you will benefit more.

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