PMT Free Tutor for 10 days

PMT NEET candidates can get free 1 to 1 coaching for 
some hours from a teacher. They can improve in these  days their ranks and marks at least a little or more in PMT NEET, AIIMS and XII boards, all three. Later if they wish, they can donate at Rs.10 to Rs.1000 per hour studied, to the teacher (me). If they wish, they need not pay a paisa. I will not ask them to pay either. If after that they and I agree, they can get regular coaching for PMT or NEET from me at ordinary fees Rs.800 to 1500 each hour without guarantee and Rs.1,000 to 2,000 with guarantee of best result. As you may remember, the ability to solve questions themselves, is more important in competitions like the NEET, CAT, GMAT, SAT and AIIMS. You will be happy to know that my students develop these skills to solve the problems many times faster, compared to students from ordinary institutes. As a result, they improved their ranks in PMT NEET, AIIMS, boards and several other competitions in a short time. I myself got a rank of 207 in IIT JEE (as AIR) and 336/340 in the American GRE at age of 58 years.

First you have to learn the school course. If you do not know CBSE course very well, you can not qualify PMT or NEET in even hundred years.

The Difference for PMT or NEET

Some students find Physics very difficult, Chemistry a little difficult and Biology managable. If you receive coaching elsewhere and the teachers there did not explain some concepts sufficiently well, you can understand just that concept well from me in Physics or Chemistry. If the teacher did not explain any numerical or question sufficiently well, you can also get that question explained in a lot of detail by me. Or if you found the questions too simple in that institute, you can understand more difficult questions actually asked in PMT NEET in earlier years.

I help students strengthen basic ideas in the topics. Many candidates try to learn advanced topics without mastering the basics. This makes them look intelligent in front of their friends but in the examination hall this learning is not of much use.

Many candidates feel that if they learn lots of formulae, it will help them at PMT or NEET. At the actual test they find that these formulae do not help much. Actually the ability more needed, is to apply some formulae on the spot while sitting in the exam hall of NEET or PMT. Our students quickly develop this ability. It seems difficult in the beginning but after just a few days, with some encouragement from me the successfull students start developing this ability. This ability also helps the candidates a lot in AIIMS, SAT, GRE and GMAT. This also helps the students in tests by CBSE and IB boards without spending any extra time. After your result is declared in PMT or NEET, I request you to tell me if you gained more marks and better rank from other high priced institutes for a long time, or from my teaching of a short time. Or you can ask your seniors who appeared in 
PMT or NEET and AIIMS earlier than you, where you will benefit more.

You can contact me at
+91-7838794233 or 0091-11-9868237363  (if from Delhi just 7838794233 or 9868237363) or LEADLION98 (AT) YAHOO (DOT) COM.

Many tutors here

First you must master the NCERT. Without mastering that one can not hope to get even 10% marks in NEET. After that do a few questions from the reference books or correspondence material. You do not need to do a huge number of questions but think deeply about the questions you do.

Many students take the easy way out. They try to learn several simple formulae and believe that these simple formulae will help them in the 
PMT or NEET. It is their career and they are free to take as many risks as they wish, but I suggest that for some time every day, they should read old papers of AIIMS and try to solve some such questions. Of course if they can solve quesions of old PMT or NEET, it is even better. If they spend eight hours every day learning simple formulae and practising these, they should spend half an hour or more practising old questions of AIIMS or PMT or NEET every day. Then after you take the competitive exams and results also come, please tell me how much my suggestions helped you.

You should concentrate on the basics like definitions, derivations etc. If you learn twenty thousand or more difficult formulae but do not know the basics well, it is not likely to help you in 
PMT or NEET or AIIMS or boards. If you master the basics and do just a few questions which are very difficult, it can help you more.

Do not hurry to read solutions to difficult problems. Try to solve these for as long as you can, before giving up. Only when you can no longer try should you read the solution. This will strengthen other topics also besides the one you thought will help solve the question.

Try to understand the questions relating these to the topics in course for boards and PMT syllabus. Do not try to think lesss and manipulate numbers.