Reform the lazy unemployed

Some people remain unemployed for several years. Often it is because of wrong attitude towards work. Such people can be improved at a low cost.

Lazy people should be given bad tasting but healthy food to eat. Instead of bread of wheat, they should be given pearl millet and beans to boil and eat. A friend of mine had to eat pearl millet during childhood. He was desperate to eat wheat. He would get into fights in hope of getting some bread made of wheat flour. Another lazy boy complained when given pearl millet, “Only a starving man will eat pearl millet. I want to leave home but no relative will take me.”

If lazy people are given food that tastes bad, it can improve their thinking and also save money. Many of them may become willing to do honest work.

If you feel pity for a beggar, make him work and then give him food. If he says he can not work, make him speak name of God for two hours. After that, give him food. Please do not give him money. Such money is often used for drugs or crimes.