Procedure and Terms

We can have a written agreement about terms of guarantee before starting coaching.
For your safety and mine, you can deposit the fees into a joint bank account in instalments every three months. After the results of competitions are declared, you or I can withdraw the full amount.
If before the date of competition, you do not want the guarantee, we can split the money in two halves, one half going to you and the second half goes to me. In this case, there is no guarantee.
If the student does not take part in the competition, for no fault of mine in spite of my working hard to prepare  him, half the money goes to you and half to me.
If a student does not study for even the short time I mentioned above, or for other reasons, I reserve the right to release his money to his parents and stop teaching him.
If you do not want a guarantee, students can study on hourly rate also. Fees without guarantee, for competitions of PCM combined are Rs. 10000 - 20000 or less, per month, for individual student. Rs. 5000 - 10000 per month per subject without guarantee. Per hour rates are around Rs. 750 - 1500 hourly without guarantee,  For a group, fees are still less per student. For guarantee, fees are either zero (free teaching) or double of what normal institutes charge. What ordinary tutors teach in Rs. 10000, my students learn in Rs. 2000 to Rs. 7000 with more confidence and better grasp.